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Acrylic Retail Shelving

Acrylic retail shelving can be custom tailored to meet your retail requirements. When it comes to point of purchase (P.O.P) display products Ketchies can assist you in meeting your retail store's requirements.

Our plastic retail shelving is commonly used for displaying different retail items such as shoes, books, dishes etc. Our acrylic shelves can manufactured as a straight wall self or a slanted wall shelf, better known as a tilt back shelf which ever you prefer. Slat wall shelves can also be custom made to meet your size requirements.

Our point of purchase shelving (P.O.P Displays) products are manufactured as a straight or slanted shelf, and can be manufactured with a lip or no lip on them, and can be wall mounted as well. If you have heavy retail products no problem, our acrylic shelves also come in different thicknesses to accommodate the weight of your products. Whatever your P.O.P display requirements Ketchie's is here to meet your needs